Romania to upgrade its army based on a Roadmap for Defense Cooperation with the U.S.


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Romania will upgrade its army based on a „road map” dedicated to the cooperation on defense with the USA in the upcoming ten years.

On Thursday, October 8, the U.S. Secretary of Defense Dr. Mark Esper and Romanian Minister of National Defense Nicolae Ciuca signed a 10-year “Roadmap for Defense Cooperation” at the Pentagon.

The document enshrines the strategic priorities on enhancing the cooperation between Romania and the U.S. in the Black Sea region, as well as the permanent rotation of the U.S. forces in Romania, boosting efforts in the cyber security area and also the modernization of the armed forces.

The U.S. Secretary of Defense Dr. Mark Esper said that the U.S. appreciates the fact that Romania is a solid ally and that the ties between the two nations have got stronger in time, while reiterating Romania’s substantial commitment to the allied anti-missile defence, by hosting the Aegis Shore system.

At the same time, Mark T. Esper underlined that the USA remain firmly committed next to Romania in promoting peace, democracy and freedom.

Romanian Defence minister Ciuca stated that both Romania and the U.S. enjoy “an exceptional, long-lasting Strategic Partnership, built in time and in many missions in the theatres of operations, where our soldiers have fought together. The United States are our trustful partner and reliable ally”.

Ciuca added that “Romania is strongly endorsing the rotation of the US military in the Black Sea region.” “We understand that such a commitment means, for us and for the other allies, generating proper capacities”.

The Romanian Minister of National Defense stressed that Romania is a responsible ally which “is maintaining the allotment of 2 pc of GDP for the defense sector”.

Attending the signing ceremony, Ambassador Adrian Zuckerman said, “This agreement confirms that the bonds between our two countries have never been stronger.  The United States and Romania are stalwart allies and will continue to strengthen their military capabilities and readiness with continued defense cooperation to ensure peace and security in Europe.”

“Romania has found the voice which was stolen from it by the communists and is now a full-fledged member of the European Union and NATO, protecting its southern flank. In the sixteen years since Romania joined the Alliance, it has moved from a security-aid recipient to an exporter of security and a force to be reckoned with in the world’s most dangerous theaters. With NATO Multinational Division Headquarters South East, a NATO Force Integration Unit, and a fully operational Multinational Brigade, Romania does its share and more. The Aegis Ashore Missile defense site at Deveselu, which helps protect Europe from the threat of ballistic missiles and the recent acquisition of the first of seven Patriot missile batteries attest to the fact that Romania is prepared to protect itself and its allies.

Romania and Poland are the linchpins of NATO’s Eastern Flank (…) As recent developments across the Black Sea have again shown us all, this region needs reliable and real NATO partners. Romania’s military modernization strides and commitment to meeting its Wales 2% pledge are a model for many other nations,” Ambassador Zuckerman further said.

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