Romania wants to buy 20 more F-16 aircraft, Defence Minister says

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Romania intends to buy at least 20 more F-16 aircraft, beside the current squadron with the Air Forces. Defence Minister Gabriel Les said on Monday the MoD is considering integrating the endowment programme to the national defence industry, reports.

“We want some 20 more aircraft, we have this planned, we also intend to upgrade the aircraft. We want to observe the current legal framework and we shall act in parliament with a draft bill, as there are procedures amounting to more than EUR 100 million. I am talking about multi-annual funding and multi-annual contracts and I wish, given that we have the 2% funding from the budget, to integrate the Romanian industry, be it private of state owned,” Les said.

The defence endowment programme will be discussed next week at the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT), the minister said.

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