Romanian 10th grade schoolgirl ranks 1st at NASA contest

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A 10th grade schoolgirl from the International School of Bucharest, Romania, ranked first at the individual category within NASA Space Settlement contest, with a project called “Osiris”.

Ariana Zhao is in the tenth grade and she has seriously worked for the NASA project in the past several months. She checked into the protection against radiation, closed agriculture system, artificial gravitation, etc. After a thorough research, Adriana wrote a 100-page essay explaining all details of a sustainable settlement, with a space accommodating 15,000 persons,” reads a press release by the International School of Bucharest.

The high-school girl said that writing about colonization in space represented an opportunity to learn about future, Digi 24 reports.

At the same, the team consisting of five 10th grade pupils from the same school ranked third with the “Afrodita” project. Ali Cabas was their guiding teacher.

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