Romanian Academy unanimously elects Pope Francis as honorary member

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Pope Francis was unanimously elected on Friday, by open vote, honorary member of the Romanian Academy, upon the proposal of this forum’s Presidium.

“Considering the world-class theological personality of Pope Francis, his exemplary dedication to people who are seeking a purpose in life, a path of peace and reconciliation, while emphasizing on his desire to help first of all the poor and marginalized; also, considering his special merits in easing the pain of the refugees, persecuted, victims of war, natural calamities and violence; also, while treasuring his friendship with the Romanian people and while embracing his initiatives meant for rebuilding the Christian unity, through supporting the ecumenical dialogue between Catholics and Orthodox in our country, the Romanian Academy Presidium proposes His Holiness Election as a honorary member of the Romanian Academy,” reads the official reasoning of the Romanian Academy Presidium.

The election of Pope Francis as a honorary member comes after the visit this forum’s leadership paid to Vatican over November 8-13, when the Sovereign Pontiff accepted the honour.

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