Romanian accused of attempting to stab priest in the biggest church in Canada


A priest was stabbed in front of his congregation during a live TV broadcast, in the biggest church in Canada. The entire attack was broadcast live on a Catholic TV channel during a service attended by 50 people in Montreal on Friday.

The suspect is a Romanian-born citizen, aged 26. He is charged with murder attempt, with his reasons not being known yet.

The 77-year-old priest has got away with a minor injury near his chest and has already been discharged from hospital.

According to the local media, the suspect was acquitted for homicide harassment in 2017. He is unemployed and he declared his personal bankrupt in 2016 for debts mounting to USD 16,000. Journal de Montreal reported that the Romanian name is Vlad Cristian Eremia, from Montreal.

CTV TV channel broadcast how a man wearing jeans, a hoodie and a white hat got near priest Claude Grou from the St. Joseph Oratory in Montreal. The pictures show the young attacker following the priest around the altar and stabbing him.

The priest got back on his feet and ran away, while guards surrounded the attacker who dropped the knife. Three guards immobilised the attacker, while priest Grou seemed in shock.

The service was under way, it was televised and at some point, the guy decided to rush to the front and attack father Grou, The bodyguards were right behind him and were able to intervene immediately. They immobilised the attacker on the flooer until the police came. He just ran and stabbed the priest, did not shout anything,” said Celine Barbeau, spokesperson of St. Joseph Oratory.

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