Romanian ‘alleged’ gunrunners featuring in the Sky News coverage, freed by prosecutors


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The four suspects heard at DIICOT on Wednesday in the case of the alleged gun running in Romania presented by Sky News have been let at large by the prosecutors.

Aurelian Mihai Szanto, the man who brokered the encounter of the Sky News journalists with the alleged gunrunners in Romania has been also let free.

One of the men heard by the organized crime prosecutors said while leaving DIICOT HQs that it was all ‘a bad joke’ and that prosecutors haven’t ordered custody against him.

However, until now prosecutors have not informed if the men are criminally prosecuted or if the judicial control has been ordered against them.

DIICOT chief prosecutor Daniel Horodniceanu announced on Wednesday that the investigation confirmed it was a frame up. “What we envisaged has been eventually confirmed, it was a script planned by the British journalists,” Horodniceanu said.

Aurelian Mihai Szanto, the agent who brokered the encounter would have admitted that everything was a set up, as well as the other ones involved in this case.

Aurelian Mihai Szanto, a Romanian 40-year-old freelancer settled down in UK seven years ago, would have confessed to the investigators that the British journalists had told them how to get dressed, namely to wear military outfit, and what to say when they were asked about “the gun running in Romania.” They were also paid for that with sums ranging form EUR 500 to EUR 2,000.

In retort, Stuart Ramsay, the reporter who made the coverage, keeps claiming that his story is no fake and that the Romanian authorities are embarrassed by the situation and try to cover all up.

Ramsay kept on Tweeting on Wednesday, claiming the story was true and that nobody was paid.

Calm down everyone. Story is true. Nobody paid. Nobody scripted. Weapons real. Arrests happening. Govt embarrassed. Deal with it,” Ramsay twitted.

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