Romanian-born 12yo student living in UK, admitted to Mensa, the high IQ society

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A Romanian-born 12-year-old schoolgirl living in UK, Timeea Petrescu, has been recently accepted to Mensa, the high IQ society, as she obtained and IQ score of 162.

Timeea Petrescu was born in Craiova, southern Romania, but she is now living with her parents in London from the age of 4. Timeea was tested in school, at the Mathematics & Sciences College Heathland, where she is a 7th grader and her parents received the result of the IQ test in March: 162.

Her mother said it has been an  unexpected and surprising result, as you are considered a genius when you score 140.

Actually, the result is not such a big surprise. Timeea showed signs of possessing a special intelligence since she was a little girl. She started school at 4 when she barely knew a few words in English, as she had just arrived in the UK.

“She was speaking English fluently after only 6 months” her mother recounted.

Ever since Timeea has done better and better in school, scoring ‘excellent’ to all subjects. She also liked to read a lot and learn other foreign languages.

However, mathematics seems to be her strength and her teachers have noticed Timeea’s intellectual assets in school and recommended her to take the Mensa IQ test.

Timeea is living in the UK capital with her parents, who are promoting the Romanian traditional products in the restaurant they had opened downtown London.

The girl’s parents say she wants to study at Oxford to become a psychologist or lawyer.

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