Romanian-born ex-Volvo manager sacked for “not being Swedish”

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A Romanian-born man, who used to be manager at one of Volvo’s offices in U.S., has been left out of negotiations for a job promotion and after that fired, for “not being Swedish”, according to court documents quoted by The Washington Post.

Luke Diventi, born in Romania, is suing Volvo Group North America LLC for job discrimination. Divent’s lawsuit alleges violations of the Civil Rights Act and seeks at least USD 25,000 in damages.

According to the complaint, Diventi worked for Volvo Group at its headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina, for seven years as a lead project manager. Attorneys for Diventi said in the complaint that Volvo habitually gave preferential treatment to its Swedish-born workers in Greensboro, including speaking in Swedish in open group meetings and during business discussions.

The only suggestion for how Diventi could improve his job performance was to “become more Swedish in his interactions with coworkers,” the lawsuit said.

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