Romanian carriers to stage wide protests in Bucharest, countrywide as of November 3

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The Federation of the Romanian Transport Operators (FORT) will organize wide protest meetings in Bucharest and other cities as of November 3. They are mainly discontent over the excise duties on fuel, the lack of the transport infrastructure and of the legislation in this field.

“Maintaining the excise duty on fuel at the current level, the lack of transport infrastructure and of the laws that can save one of the most important local economic sectors, determined our Federation to organize ample protests both in the Capital and countrywide. FORT members will be in Victoriei Sqare on November 3 and on the Capital’s ring road, after the pattern applied in 2016, when we managed to obtain the capping of the RCA prices, “says the Federation in a press release.

The FORT federation members will make truck motorcades displaying a message “Don’t ruin economy completely!- National protest”, while passenger transporters will stop their activity on certain hours.

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