Romanian cartoonist Popa’s at the European Parliament, Martin Schulz portrayed

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European Parliament President Martin Schulz left an important meeting to meet again the fastest cartoonist in the world, Stefan Popa Popa’s. The German Social-Democrat visited the exhibition in the Place de Luxembourg to take home his portrait sketched by Popa’s. Hundreds of politicians queued to be able to get in front of the famous cartoonist to be portrayed in less than two minutes, informs.
Cartoonist Popa’s was for two days at the European Parliament Palace, where he carried a marathon of drawings. He hardly had time to breathe. Officials and guests of the European Parliament formed long lines to have a portrait signed by Popa’s. The Guinness Book cartoonist drew in the first day, more than 500 portraits, one every minute and a half.
“I came to get my portrait made by master Popa’s. It is not the first one, I have another one at home. I want to say this: it’s a great honour to have artist Popa’s at the European Parliament,” said EP President Martin Schulz, glad he didn’t have to stay in line for a new drawing.
The event in Brussels was organized by Maria Grapini, now member of the newly set up Party of Humanitarian Power, who says that we can promote Romania only through cultural activities.

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