Romanian child molester arrested in Spain


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A 46-year-old Romanian has been arrested in Spain, charged with pedophilia and kiddie porn. He is suspected of having molested five Romanian-born girls aged from 5 to 7.

The aggressor was living near Madrid, where a large Romanian community is living. He has two children, a 18yo girl and a 10yo boy.

The man used to catch the sexual aggression on camera and used to share the videos to other child molesters worldwide through an Internet paedophile ring which protects the identity if its users.

The man is considered the most dangerous child molester caught by the Spanish Police in the past years. The policemen identified the aggressor based on some objects featured in the films he was sharing online.

The agents have identified him after watching several videos from a data base managed by Interpol. First, they found out that the recordings were featuring Romanian children for they spoke Romanian, but later on they realized the recordings and rapes had taken place in Spain, more precisely in an auto shop in the southern part of Madrid.

Investigators have also identified a tattoo on the aggressor’s hand, which helped them find the Romanian man sooner.

He was arrested while he was going to work.

After interrogating the parents of the victims, the Police also found out how the aggressor used to ‘recruit’ the children. The Romanian man became friend of the children’s parents, usually in supermarkets, and then fixed play dates between the victims and his own children.

The Spanish PM congratulated the Police for arresting the aggressor.

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