Romanian convicted in France for illegally crossing the motorway barrier 267 times


A Romanian driver was sentenced by a French court to one year in prison with suspension for defrauding the motorway charging system in France 267 times, Ouest France informs. The 46-year-old man was also banned to enter the French territory and got a fine of EUR 5,000.

The Romanian national was arrested on Sunday after forcing a barrier on the motorway. He was driving a truck that transported building materials from Romania to Spain.

Initially, the man stated that the truck “slipped away due to the moist road and bumped against the barrier, but eventually he admitted he did that due to the money scarcity,” as investigators said.

Moreover, the police officers found out that the man had defrauded the charging system of the motorways in southern France 245 times during April 21st, 2013- February 28th, 2016 and 22 times in the Escota network system during November 1st, 2015-March 13th, 2016.

The man was sentenced by the Perpignan Court to pay the motorway fees and damages worth EUR 5,000.

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