Romanian dissident writer Paul Goma dies of coronavirus in France, media report

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Romanian writer, famous dissident and leading opponent of the communist regime before 1989, has died in Paris last night, due to the infection with the novel Coronavirus, his biographer announced on G4Media.

The biographer said the writer had been admitted in a hospital in Paris since March 18.

According to the writer’s son, amid security measures enforced by the pandemic, Goma’s body will be incinerated, with the burial urn to be laid at Pére Lachaise cemetery in Paris.

Paul Goma was born in 1935 in Mana village, Orhei county in Bessarabia, which was part of Romania back then, but now is part of Republic of Moldova, and made his debut in the Luceafarul literary magazine in 1966.

He became one of the fiercest opponents and critics of the communist regime in Romania in the 70’s-80s and was even arrested and tortured by the Securitate, the former political police in communist Romania.

Forced into exile by the communist authorities, he became a political refugee, settling down in France as a a stateless person, but he has never stopped criticising the communist regime in Bucharest until it was toppled down in December 1989.

Read more about Paul Goma on Wikipedia.

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