Romanian doctor from France awarded by President Macron for fight against COVID-19

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Romanian doctor Radu Lupescu working in France was decorated by the French President Emmanuel Macron for his contribution to the fight against the novel coronavirus.

Radu Lupescu, anesthetist and president of the Doctors’ Association from Rhena Clinic in Strasbourg, was decorated on December 31, 2020, next to other health care workers from France for their efforts during the coronavirus pandemic.

Lupescu was among the Romanian doctors who have warned since the debut of the pandemic that one of the great dangers are the hospital overcrowding and the inability of the doctors and nurses to manage the huge flow of patients.

“In Romania the total number of coronavirus cases is still low, which means that drastic measures can still avoid or contain the epidemic”, Radu Lupescu used to say on March 12, 2020.

“The virus is not very dangerous for young, healthy people who have no pre-existing conditions (meaning lung, cardiovascular, kidney diseases or immunity issues). But the virus is dangerous at the level of the entire population for its transmission can lead to a congestion of the healthcare system, with an over mortality due to the need of treating a high number of patients in a short time“, he also would state back then.

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