Romanian doctor who saved his patients from hospital fire in Piatra Neamt, declared “The 2020 Hero” in Belgium

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Romanian young doctor Cătălin Denciu,who jumped into a raging fire burst into the County Hospital of Piatra Neamt in November 2020, to save his patients, was declared “Hero of the Year 2020” in Belgium, where he had been transferred to treat his burns, the regional director of the WHO Europe Bureau, Hans Kluge announced in Bucharest on Wednesday, while attending an event on public health hosted at  the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

“I am very happy that my native country, Belgium, has acknowledged the merits of a Romanian doctor from Piatra Neamt, Cătălin Denciu, by declaring him “The Hero of the Year 2020″. I personally talked to the colonel that is in charge of the hospital in Belgium where the Romanian doctor is hospitalized”, Hans Kluge said.

15 patients died, other tens were severely injured in a fire that broke out at the ICU at the Piatra Neamt County Emergency Hospital on the night of November 14 to November 15. Among the injured there was also the doctor on call that night, Catalin Denciu, who faced the fire at the Neamt County Hospital to save the patients. Denciu was transferred to a military hospital in Belgium to be treated, and he has remained there ever since.

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  1. Dan Man says

    Well, Your “journalism” should begun right from “and he has remained there ever since.”
    About his condition now btw.

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