Romanian driver stuck in traffic after fatal motorway crash finds victim is his girlfriend


A driver caught up in a huge traffic jam after a fatal motorway crash was devastated to discover the victim was his girlfriend.

Cristian Miculaiciuc was among thousands of drivers stuck in queues after the early-morning smash on the M5 on April 3, informs.

Tragically, it later emerged his partner Sorina Gheorghe, who was in a different vehicle, had died. Police called Cristian after he’d been queuing for an hour to inform him his 24-year-old girlfriend had been killed when a 4×4 collided with her car.

Ms Gheorghe was driving to work in Aston to inspect Jaguar parts when the collision took place at around 5.40am. Bystanders and an off-duty paramedic rushed to help but she was pronounced dead at the scene.

The 23-year-old Miculaiciuc told BirminghamLive: “When the accident happened I was stuck in the queue in the back for hours with the lorry having no power to help her or to get there. I was doing deliveries that way. I only found it out it was her an hour into sitting in the queue.”

Read the full report here.

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