Romanian employers report positive outlook for job-seekers in Q1 of 2016. Wholesale and Retail Trade sector posts the strongest hiring plans

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Employers in all Romania’s regions and nine out of 10 industry sectors anticipate that a moderately optimistic hiring activity is likely to continue through March 2016, according to Manpower Employment Outlook Survey released on Tuesday. For this survey, 625 employers were interviewed across eight regions and 10 industry sectors in the October 14 – 27 timeframe.

With 16 percent of employers indicating intentions to increase their payroll, 15 percent anticipating a decrease and 66 percent envisioning no change, the seasonally adjusted Net Employment Outlook stands at +12 percent, relatively stable when compared to the current quarter, and 2 percentage points stronger year-over-year.

“It’s encouraging to see that last quarter’s early signs of increased confidence are reinforced in Q1, and especially that the regional outlook is less uneven. Employer optimism is not as buoyant as in the previous three months across all industry sectors, which is to be expected given global interdependencies, but the continuation in 2016 of the double digit Net Employment Outlooks reported throughout 2015 gives us reason to hope that this is indeed the beginning of a trend toward sustainable job growth,” ManpowerGroup Romania’s Country Manager, Valentin Petrof says.

The strongest Q1 hiring plans are reported in the Wholesale and Retail Trade sector, where more than 1 in 4 employers intend to add to their payrolls during the January – March 2016 interval.  At +23 percent, the Net Employment outlook in the sector is the strongest it has been since Q4 of 2012, and improves both quarter-over-quarter and years-over-year by 3, respectively 15 percentage points.

More than 1 in 4 employers in the Manufacturing sector also expect to add to their payrolls in the coming months despite the outlook’s moderate decline in comparison to the prior quarter. Across eight of the 10 sectors, however, forecasts weaken by varying degrees over Q4 of 2015, with the steepest declines reported by employers in the Construction and Manufacturing sectors.

The only negative outlook, of -6 percent, continues to be reported in the Electricity, Gas and Water Supply sector, where employer intentions have only been positive once in almost three years.

From regional standpoint outlooks are positive across the country, with employers in the Center and North-West regions being the country’s most optimistic, for the second consecutive quarter.

Hiring perspectives continue to be positive in organizations of all size, with employers in large organizations one again reporting the most favorable hiring climate, with an outlook of +16 percent, and employers in micro-organizations being the most cautious, with an outlook of +2 percent.

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