Romanian engineer from Craiova works with ESA on app able to calculate satellites’ positioning


A Romanian engineer is working with the European Space Agency (ESA) on an application able to calculate the positioning of a satellite, of a spaceship in the outer space, as well the evolution in space. The application will belong to the company the Romanian is working for, but also to ESA.

Engineer Lucian Barbulescu has attended the SpaceOps Congress in Marseille in early June, an event organized by the European Space Agency, with the project “OrbiPro- a toolbox for the precise propagation of the orbit”.

Each of the participants involved in this kind of projects is paid with some hundreds of thousands of euros by the European Space Agency.

Lucian Barbulescu has been mad about outer space since high school. He loved Physics a lot and knew this is his way. He has been professor within the Computer Faculty of the Craiova University since 2004.

Although he head plenty of opportunities to go and work abroad, he has not considered this option, preferring to stay in Romania.

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