Romanian, finalist at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award


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Five finalists, including a Romanian photographer, were chosen at Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award.

Daniel Dencescu, a Romanian from Craiova, who lives in Frankfurt, Germany, spent hours watching starlings in the suburbs of Rome, Italy. Finally, on a cloudless winter’s day, the flock of starlings grouped together in the form of a huge bird.

“Daniel was mesmerised by the movements of the starlings as they formed colossal organic shapes in the sky. Each day, as they returned from foraging, they would gather in large numbers and perform spellbinding aerial shows, known as murmurations, on their flight home to their communal roosts. In a bid to locate the best roosting sites at which to capture the spectacle, Daniel spent hours following the starlings around the city and suburbs of Rome. Finally, on this cloudless winter’s day, the flock didn’t disappoint, swirling into the shape of a giant bird.”

The big winner was the photo of a young polar bear sleeping on an iceberg by Nima Sarikhani, a British amateur photographer.

“A polar bear carves out a bed from a small iceberg before drifting off to sleep in the far north, in Norway’s Svalbard archipelago.

Having spent three days searching for polar bears through thick fog, the expedition vessel Nima was on changed course. It turned and headed to where there was still some sea ice. Here Nima encountered a younger and an older male polar bear. Just before midnight, the young male clambered onto a small iceberg and, using its strong paws, clawed away to carve out a bed before drifting off to sleep.”

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