Romanian Firefighters’ Day celebrated, President Iohannis, IntMin pay tribute

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Romanian Firefighters’ Day is celebrated today, marking the day of September 13, 1848, during the Revolution in the Romanian Principalities, when firefighters in Bucharest joined soldiers to fight the Ottoman enemies.

The Revolution started in June 1948. After three months of fights, on September 13 the battle on Dealul Spirii, Bucharest took place, the last armed conflict held on the Romanian territory between the Wallachia military structures and the Ottoman army corps.

Thus, the Bucharest Firefighters’ Company got involved in the fight against the Ottomans, who, twentyfold more numerous than the Romanians, entered Bucharest through the Dealul Spirii barrier. The Bucharest firefighters attacked the enemy artillery. More than a half of the Romanian firemen died on the battlefield.

President Klaus Iohannis handed out the colours for 11 units under the authority of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, on the Firefighters’ Day. The President stated that the military firefighters deserve all gratitude.

“You have more than a job, you have a life dedicated to the career of doing good, of helping the others. You are, most of the times, the last hope for the ones in danger. At the same time, you have an essential role in preserving the public safety, in managing the emergency situations and in protecting the environment,” the head of state pointed out.

In his view, the credibility and the efficient running of the state institutions, as well as observing Romania’s commitments to the European Union and NATO partners, are depending including on the responsibility with which firemen are acting every day.

In her turn, Interior minister Carmen Dan congratuled the firefighters on their day, stressing that “the investment in firefighters is, first of all, an investment in the citizens’ safety”.

I honestly appreciate you and I know the sacrifices you make (…) I assure you that your voice and your problems are heard by me and the Interior Ministry’s team. That’s why, the importance of your structure is properly handled by the Government and that was visible by the allotment of important sums of money to purchase equipment and modern intervention devices,” Interior minister added.

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