Romanian Foreign Ministry issues new warning for tourists traveling to Greece: fire alert across five islands

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The Romanian Foreign Ministry (MFA) has warned tourists who are or want to travel to Greece about the high risk of wildfires (grade 4 in 5) in Samos, Kos, Rhodes, Saria, Carpathos islands in Greece, as well as in eastern Crete.

Romanian citizens can ask for consular assistance at the Romanian Embassy in Athens: +302106728879. For any emergency situations, there is a permanent phone number at the Embassy: +306978996222 or at the Romanian Consulate in Thessaloniki +306906479076.

MFA also recommends tourists to consult the Internet website:,,,,  while reminding travelers they also can use the “Travel safe” application (, which provides information and travel advice.

MFA had previously warned Romanian tourists on the wildfires in Greece on July 12.

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