Romanian Foreign Ministry issues travel alert: Code Red warning for heat in Italy. Heatwave in Romania as well


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Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE) informed Romanian citizens who are, are or want to travel to Italy that several regions of the country are under a code red alert for extreme heat on Wednesday and Thursday.

Italian authorities have issued a code red alert for scorching heat in several cities: Bolzano (Trentino Alto-Adige), Brescia (Lombardy), Florence (Tuscany), Perugia (Umbria), Rieti and Rome (Lazio).

Another code orange warning has been issued in other cities in northern and central Italy.

Romanian citizens can ask for consular assistance at the Romanian Embassy in Rome:+390683523358; +390683523356; +390683523352; +390683523344, with calls being redirected to the Contact and Support Centre of the Romanian Citizens Abroad (CCSCRS) and taken over by the Call Center operators as a matter of urgency.

At the same time, the Romanian citizens who are facing a special, difficult, urgent situation can call the permanent phone call of Romania’s diplomatic mission in Italy: +393451473935, namely at the consular offices in Trieste: +39 340 8821688; Milan: +39 366108 1444; Turin: +39 338 756 8134; Bologna: +39 349 1178220; Bari: +39 334 604 2299; Catania: +39 320 965 3137.

Heatwave to hit Romania as well: 35C-36C expected

Thursday, June 27 will be hottest day of this week, local weathermen announced, with temperatures climbing to 35C-26C due to a heatwave coming from Africa. In plain sunlight, the temperatures will be felt by at least 10 Celsius degrees higher.

According to the National Meteorology Administration, a hot air from Africa is bringing high temperatures in western and southern Europe, with the heatwave also reaching our region. The most affected countries will be France and Spain, where temperatures will reach even 40C.

ANM meteorologist Mihai Timu explained that part of this hot air from western continent is tangentially coming closer to Romania as well, so, as of tomorrow, there will be 34C-35C in the Western Plain and even 36C in some areas.

The weather will cool down a little bit as of Friday, and temperatures will hardly reach 30C.

Meteorologist Timu said this is the first heatwave of this summer, with more to come in July and August. He added that we have to get used to these heat episodes in the coming years in Europe, amid global warming that, besides scorching days, will also bring along atypical storms. The most affected countries will be ones located in southern Europe.

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