Romanian from Italy dies of Coronavirus, the patient had other medical conditions

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A Romanian from Italy has died after being infected with the novel Coronavirus, the Romanian Foreign Ministry announced today. The Romanian citizen had other medical conditions.

The ministry said that, according to information received from Romania’s Embassy in Rome and Romania’s Consulate in Milan, the Italian authorities have confirmed the death of the first Romanian citizen in Italy due to COVID-19, amid pre-existing medical conditions. There is no other information about the Romanian patient for the time being.

Romanians repatriated from Italy by military aircraft

Eight Romanian citizens have been brought from Italy by a C-27J Spartan aircraft on Friday night, with nine other to be repatriated from Italy to Romania by a special military aircraft today. They were mostly tourists or patients undergoing other medical procedures, blocked after Italy had shut down the country and Romania had cancelled all commercial flights to and from Italy.

The military aircraft has been disposed by the Romanian Air Forces upon the request of the Department for Emergency Situations within the Interior Ministry.

The repatriated citizens are Romanians who are not living in Italy, and who found themselves on the Italian territory temporarily, as tourists or for medical interventions and who were affected by the total quarantine in Italy and by the measures taken by the Romanian authorities to cancel all flights and road transport rides to and from Italy. They had no real alternative to continue their stay in Italy”, reads an Interior Ministry press release.

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