Romanian Gendarmerie reveals ammunition used during Diaspora rally: “It is non-lethal”


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The ammunition and weapons used during the protest in Victoriei Square on August 10 are not lethal, petty officer  Alexandru Dinica, master sergeant at the Special Brigade of the Romanian Gendarmerie, said on Monday during a drill with the ammunition used during public order activities.

All materials that we used-rubber hand grenade, launcher weapon calibre 38 and the 7-liter tear gas sprayer, they all have the same concentration, but the liter quantity differs-are non-lethal and are certified by all organizations and committees in law. Part of the ammunition are not made in Romania. The grenade is made in Romania, at Mija plant, Dambovita. The 38 calibre shots are made in Italy. In order for me to bring it from Italy, I need certificates from all the countries transited by the ammunition transport,” explained Dinică.

Many protesters attending the rally on August 10 complained of the tear gas effects after the protest meeting.

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  1. Bryan Davidson says

    “It is non-lethal”. That doesn’t mean it’s good.

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