Romanian ‘golden’ youth: 18yo girl from Braila wins Microsoft Office Specialist 2019 contest, teen boy gets into med school in Italy first on the list


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Mihaela Florea, a 18-year-old teen girl from Brăila, eastern Romania, has won the Microsoft Office Specialist 2019 World Championship, Excel section, held in New York.

Mihaela, now studying in UK, has raced against the world’s brilliant students and her score was the best in the end.

She confessed that winning the championship had meant a lot for her and it is the result of “many years and many hours of hard work.”

The secret is  the persistence and to not give up when things get more difficult, but to try and solve them patiently. I have worked hard in computer science during high-school (…) The Excel section is more difficult overall (…) at the world championship they require a project that has to look professional and to function from the point of view of formulas and diagrams in a pretty short time. It involves many hours of work, not necessarily to learn information, but rather a lot of exercising and using shortcuts”, she said.

Mihaela has left to study Computer Science abroad, choosing the University of Southampton in UK. She would like to work in the web development in the future.

Romanian boy gets into med school in Italy first on the list

A Romanian student, whose family emigrated to Italy several years ago, has also obtained a performance in education after being admitted to the Medical School in Milan, first on the list. Among over 60,000 competitors, the Romanian obtained the highest score. He will pay no tuition fee during faculty as he had also passed his Baccalaureate with a maximum score, 10.

Norbert Kereszteny is 19 years old and was born in Sighet, northern Romania. 13 years ago, his parents emigrated to Italy, both working in the medical field.

Although Norbert graduated a maths-computer science class in high school, Norbert still wanted to become a med student.

After two years of hard work, he managed to come first at the med school’s entrance exam, obtaining 82.4 points out of 90.

This year, over 60,000 students have raced on almost 12,000 seats across all medical schools in Italy.

“The test lasts 100 minutes and comprises 60 questions, 10 questions of logic, 12 of general knowledge, 18 for biology, 12 for chemistry, 4 for maths and 4 for physics”, Norbert Kereszteny recounted.

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