Romanian hackers’ phishing attacks against banks in Romania, Italy, companies in the USA

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The Bucharest Tribunal placed a Romanian hacker under preventive arrest for taking part in an organized criminal group that launched phishing attacks against some banks in Romania and Italy and against several companies in the USA.

The prosecutors with the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) have conducted seven house searches in Bucharest and in Arges and Constanta counties and seized laptops, mobile phones, bank cards and around EUR 150,000.

Investigators arrested defendant S.A.A for 30 days for setting up an organized criminal group, bank fraud, IT forgery and hacking.

According to DIICOT, during 2016-March 2017, the organized criminal group has committed hacking activities in Bucharest, Arges and Constanta. The group members also launched phishing attacks against banks in Romania and Italy and against companies based in the USA.

Investigators found out that each member of the criminal group had clear responsibilities. Therefore, one member created false web pages to launch the attacks, another suspect used to obtain the hosting and traffic servers in order to hide the real IPs for connections, while the other members used to capitalized the bank cards obtained following phishing attacks by purchasing online goods.

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