Romanian Intelligence head: There will be more terror attacks in Europe, some previously prevented in Romania


The director of the Romanian Intelligence service (SRI), George Maior said there would be more terror attacks in Europe and that there have been attempts in Romania, too, but they were prevented. “ (…) There are hundreds of citizens who came back from Syria in France, UK and other European countries and this poses a direct threat to the European security. Unfortunately, I can only confirm what the MI5 director has already said, that there would be more of these attacks in Europe,” Maior told an interview to website.

Questioned if there were any prevented attacks in Romania as well, the intelligence chief confirmed, but said he would not give any further details.

“We acted strictly in the preventive way and we accomplished our mission. There were no events of this kind also due to subtler, more discrete actions undertaken by SRI, including persons expulsions, forbidding access of some suspected persons (….),” Maior pointed out.

He also explained that Romania has kept the blue alert for terrorist threat, yet he unveiled extra actions have been taken, including “in the defense of potential targets, in the attempt to have a tighter control of the human traffic at the border checkpoints (….)”.

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