Romanian international students in the UK increased by 32%

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As of 2017/18, there were 8,655 Romanian students studying in the UK, marking this way an increase of 32% compared to 2014/15, says

Valued for global standards of higher education, the UK universities continue to attract a large number of international students. Among all countries of origin of overseas students in the UK, it turns that there are some countries whose students UK universities appear more appealing. In light of the official education statistics, Romanian citizens are clearly part of that list.

According to the official enrollment data taken from 168 institutions of higher education in the UK, during the past academic year, it was reported for a number of 8,655 Romanian students. That given, these students made into the list of top ten popular countries of origin for EU students in UK universities (ranked eighth).

Three years ago, the UK universities had reported for 6,590 students from Romania. This is to say that in the period of time between 2014/15 and 2017/18 the number of these students increased largely by 32%.

Considering each separate UK country, England shared the largest portion of these students. Out of the total 8,655 Romanian students as of 2017/18, 7,945 of them were attending English universities, followed by Scotland (465), Wales (225) and Northern Ireland (15).

On the other hand, in terms of the level of study, the total number of Romanian students in the UK is 7,440 undergraduate students and 1,215 postgraduate students.

Romania is suffering a severe loss of its citizens in recent years due to political and economic reasons and studying abroad seem to be the most approachable and popular route of escaping and seeking a better life elsewhere.

According to the official migration statistics collected from the United Nations, in 2017, around 3.6 million Romanians were living and working abroad. Some other estimations argue that this number may be higher and may even reach 5 million.

According to the same statistical report, the UK ranks as the third most popular country of destination for Romanian migrants (231,358). For the sake of information, only Germany (592,182) and Italy (1,039,584) were ahead.

The greatest concern about these statistics is that the majority of these migrants (2.7 million) are citizens of working age, including here those 8,655 students in the UK.

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