Romanian investigation journalist says she has received death threats

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Romanian journalist Emilia Șercan has posted on Facebook today that she had received death threats. She is known for her journalists investigations in the past years about the plagiarism cases among high ranking dignitaries and also at helm of some education institutions, with the most recent such case being the one at the Police Academy.

The journalist says that she received messages suggesting that threats are related to the topics she is currently working on.

Emilia Șercan announced she had filed complaints to the Bucharest Police and that the Interior minister and the head of the Romanian General Police Inspectorate had been also informed about these threats.

“So far I have been insulted, intimidated, followed, they tried to compromise me, but this time, they got to another level”.

The journalist revealed on Facebook the threatening message she received, though censored. An excerpt of this threat reads: “We send this message with the aim of preventing what follows next, it’s all up to you. Stop all your ongoing activities…if you want to stop the ordeal. Do you want to end up (…)”.
The sequel is censored to protect my loved ones“, the journalist explained.

Sercan has previously complained on Facebook about the obstacles she is facing from the Police Academy in her attempts to investigate plagiarism cases of this institution’s officials.

The international organisation “Reporters without Borders/ Reporters sans frontières” and its subsidiary in Romania, ActiveWatch have reacted in Emilia Sercan’s case, sending an open letter to the Interior minister Carmen Dan and to the General Police Inspector Ioan Buda, stating that “if Emilia Sercan’s safety is jeopardized, we’ll consider that the Romanian authorities are responsible for not acting and for not taking the proper actions to protect the journalist”.

“We invite you to take all the necessary actions to protect Emilia Șercan, to ensure that she is safe and to be sure that the investigation of the policemen regarding the threatening messages will be efficient, but also we invite you to publicly condemn these messages”, reads the letter signed by Pauline Adès-Mével, Head of EU-Balkan desk of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and by Liana Ganea, director of the FreeEx programme within ActiveWatch.

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