Romanian JusMin announces possible GEO on justice laws

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Romanian Justice Minister, Tudorel Toader told Digi24 that, in his view, the debate in the European Parliament (editor note: on the rule of law in Romania) had been constructive as the EC first vice-president Frans Timmermans “had admitted there is a problem with the SRI protocols”. On the other hand, Toader said there had also been “stances of less goodwill”. Moreover, the minister announced a potential emergency ordinance on the justice laws, to include the Venice Commission’s recommendations. Toader added is to meet the Venice Commission’s representatives today.

We are on the home stretch with the justice laws, their legislative process has been ongoing since 2015, those who are critics in principle cannot say there had been no debates in three years. I don’t recall any law that needed three years to be adopted… I will talk to the Venice Commission’s representatives to see to what extent certain takeover is possible from their recommendations, a certain harmonisation of the legal rules to the European standards. There are some solutions envisaged for a potential emergency ordinance,” Toader stated.

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