Romanian Language Day – celebrated in Moldova. President Timofti pleads for eliminating the name ‘Moldovan language’

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Romanian is the official language in Republic of Moldova, and those who claim to speak Moldovan divide the society even more, said Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti, during a lecture on Wednesday at the Academy of Sciences in Chisinau on the occasion of Romanian Language Day.

“The Parliament is required to urgently amend the Article of the Constitution which still says the Moldovan language is the state language,” Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti said.

“I am Romanian as were my parents, grandparents and great-grandfathers and all my relatives living on this earth. The circulation of two names for the same language means the continuous split of the Moldovan society. We cannot continue on the path of untruth. We should have put an end to the hesitations of this kind a long time ago,” the Moldovan president said.

Controversy regarding the name of the official language in Moldova continues, the Constitution retains the notion of Moldovan language even though the Constitutional Court ruled in December 2013 that the correct name is the Romanian language. The Russian language plays another important role in Moldova, particularly in the mass-media dominated by the Russian stations.

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