Romanian loses EUR 3.7m jackpot at the lottery. What happened?

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A Romanian could have been richer by EUR 3.7 M. He earned them at the lottery on New Year’s Eve, but failed to claim the money. He had 90 days to take it, with the 90th day-term already expiring. It is the largest unclaimed prize in the Romanian Lottery’s history.

The great jackpot on New Year’s Eve was EUR 7.4 M and there were two winners from Găești, but only one of them came to take the money, on January 14.

According to the rules of the National Lottery, the second winner had 90 days to claim the prize, a deadline which expired on March 29.

“There is no novelty for the Lottery. So, it’s possible that a player should not claim the prize. We had a person who won RON 1.9 M in December 2013 and didn’t come to take it,” Cristinela Odeta Nestor, the president of the National Gambling Office told Digi24, adding that the unclaimed prizes are not given to other winners but they are kept in an account, as the Lottery’s returns and further allotted to the state budget.

The mayor of little town of Găești, Dâmbovița county said there is no information about the mysterious person who didn’t claim his or her prize.

According to the report, the other gambler who claimed the prize took the money and just got out of sight.

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