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Romanian magistrates to protest in Brussels, as well

A delegation of 30 Romanians judges and prosecutors will stage a protest in Brussels, in front of the European Commission, on April 4 and will have meetings with the first vice-president of EC, Frans Timmermans and with the European commissioner for Justice, Vera Jourova.

Judge Cristi Danilet from the Cluj Tribunal announced today that it’s high time magistrates speak directly with the European officials in Brussels, after the Romanian Justice minister had chosen to speak through letters, referring to the letter Tudorel Toader sent to the Financial Times.

Danilet argued that it is important that the civil society is endorsing the magistrates’ protests, adding that the independence of justice is not a privilege, but a right of the citizen.

“When we have magistrates whose career is politically controlled or influenced by politicians, then their rulings will be suspected of impropriety. GEO 7 is not repealed, it is partially amended through GEO 12, there are already three weeks since we have two emergency ordinances on the justice laws. Amending justice laws through emergency ordinances must stop for it means we have an unpredictable legislation, a career of the magistrates that cannot be influenced over night. Parliament should be the body to legislate, with the CSM’s opinion”, said Cristi Dănileţ.

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