Romanian military injured in Afghanistan, in stable condition, no vital organ affected. Who claimed the attack?

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Sergeant Bogdan Dragomir, injured in the Saturday’s incident in Afghanistan (where other two Romanian soldiers have been killed) is admitted in stable condition in a medical centre in Germany and no vital organ is affected, the Romanian Defence Ministry informed on Monday.

He is admitted in the US regional centre in Landstuhl, Germany and will undergo complete medical checking.

In his turn, Romania’s Defence Minister Mihnea Motoc previously said that better news about the health of the Romanian soldier injured in Afghanistan had been reported, and that there are prospects for his speedy recovery.

Better news: right this morning, I have received news about him via our military attachee in Germany. He feels better and he is currently admitted in a military hospital in Germany for thorough investigations. There are signs of prospects for his speedy recovery, but I want to stay within the limits of prudent optimism. Fortunately, none of his vital organs have been damaged, so chances are good for his recovery,” said Motoc, adding that the soldier is conscious and talked to his family.

On the other hand, the Romanian Defence minister informed that a third Afghan national had been arrested in the recent incident near Kandahar, which claimed the life of two Romanian military. The minister also stated that the military investigation is conducted by Romanians, with the support of the NATO allies and of the Afghan authorities.

Meanwhile, the Talibans claimed the attack on the NATO air base. “An intruding police officer killed four NATO invaders in an air base in Kandahar province,” Zabiullah Mujahid, spokesperson of the Afghan Taliban Movement twitted on Monday, as APA and DPA agencies reported.

Two Romanian soldiers were killed and one injured in an incident on Saturday morning near Kandahar during a training mission for Afghan police officers.

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