Romanian Ombudsman to probe into arrest centers conditions


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Romanian Ombudsman will undergo check ups in all the country’s arrest centers, probing into detention conditions and respect for human rights.

The Ombudsman is in fact extending investigations to all arrest centers a day after it was notified ex officio and initiated an investigation at Gherla Penitentiary in Cluj over Monica Iacob Ridzi imprisonment. The Former Youth minister was imprisoned there to serve a 5 years jail sentence after court’s final ruling in her corruption case. Ridzi slammed the prison conditions, saying she is suffering of several serious diseases that need close medical care. Following her request, she was moved from Gherla Penitentiary to the hospital of Jilava Penitentiary following a 26-hour ride.

Moreover, Ridzi challenged the incumbent Justice Minister, Robert Cazanciuc to visit the prisons in Romania and see their scarce conditions.

In retort, Justice Minister admitted the penitentiary conditions are “beyond human dignity” in some cases, but said EUR 1 bln funds are needed to rectify the situation. Yet, he unveiled the possibility of getting EU funds to improve the penitentiary infrastructure.

“The action we took at the end of last year together with the Italian minister seems to be successful, taking shape. There are seven EU states that support the joint effort of Romania and Italy to try to find European financing for the penitentiary infrastructure,” Cazanciuc said on Thursday.




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