Romanian Orthodox Church: All priests and church property managers will sign an Oath or act of honesty and fidelity to the Church

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The priests and the entire staff in the management or execution positions with the Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR), as well as unpaid individuals, who administer ecclesiastical goods, will have to sign an oath or act of honesty and fidelity to the Church, reports. The information was confirmed by Vasile Banescu, BOR spokesman, who stated that the decision was made by the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church in January. The signatories will swear to God that they will perform their duties with honesty, loyalty and fairness towards the church as they will not take undue advantages and that will keep the confidentiality of their duties. discussed with several priests who have said that the signing of such an Oath is a novelty in the work of the Orthodox Church.
BOR spokesman Vasile Banescu said that the decision of introducing this oath was taken in January in the works of the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR).
“The Oath of honesty and fidelity had existed before, differently, not at such wide level. It’s not an absolute novelty. (…) It is something absolutely natural and there is no restraint in the text of this oath of honesty and fidelity. It expresses the Church’s solicitude to promote fairness, transparency, legality in managing the institutional assets,” the spokesman said.

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