Romanian parachutist dies in Italian Alps

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A 40-year-old Romanian parachutist has lost his life tragically in the Italian Alps after a failed jump.

The cause of the unfortunate incident was, according to witnesses, the parachute, which did not open at all during the jump, causing his fall from a height of several hundred meters.

The tragedy took place under the eyes of his three Romanian friends, with whom he shared the same passion, reports.

A tragic incident occurred in the province of Trentino, northern Italy, where the 40-year-old parachutist went along with three other Romanians. They were hoping to jump with the parachute from the Becco dell’Aquila Peak, but no one knew that for Rudolf Ivan – Rudi, as his friends called him, it would be the last jump.

Several witnesses announced the incident, and the Italian mountain rescuers and doctors intervened on the site. Unfortunately, all efforts were in vain.

Photo: ProTv capture

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