Romanian photographer, orphan as a child, teaches photography classes to disadvantaged children


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Out of passion for art and beauty, Romanian photography artist Marius Nicolae Florescu started to teach photography in free of charge classes for the disadvantaged children in foster homes in Focsani.

The project, entitled “The Photography School” is part of the <Violeta Bîrlă> Cultural Centre project, which was established by Adrian Mihailovici, president of the Eastern European Anti-Drug Association. The project aims at bringing culture and education in the foreground across schools and foster homes, through free of charge classes in various fields such as: photography, film, painting, dance, art, etc.

Marius Florescu knows best how is to be an orphan child and what life shortages are, and is willing now to share his passion for art and photography to other children with no parents.With a tumultuous life story and plenty of hardships, Marius Florescu managed to take his passion for photography to an art form, boasting over 24 photo exhibitions in Romania and abroad, at Louvre Museum in Paris or in New York.Despite the difficulties of an abandoned child, Marius succeeded in graduating high school and the Philosophy Faculty of the „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University n Iasi and he also had a master degree in photography and video directing at the “George Enescu” Art University, also in Iasi.Visual art will also be an important size of education, while photography can play a crucial role in the growth of a human being, as it is developing empathy and emotion intelligence, as well as the aesthetic sense and the visual language. Moreover, photography helps people express their emotions and feelings.

The photography workshops for children in foster care will act like real school classes, pupils will receive homework, they will take photos, which will be later on display within an exhibition.

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  1. David Well says

    The best of photography and Romania…. I like his pictures…

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