Romanian photography artist from Iasi, on the verge of being evicted, needs help

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Amid growing social disparities worldwide, but also in Romania, some people who have small chances to succeed in life manage not only to survive, but to prove they mean something to the world. But they might constantly encounter troublesome, fighting prejudices, facing social and financial shortage, struggling to have a decent living, despite their visible talents.

It’s also the case of 39-year-old Marius Nicolae Florescu, a photography artist from Iasi, eastern Romania, who was abandoned at birth, and who is now on the verge of losing his modest room in a student dorm in the city. Having no support in life, Marius has earned his own living, with great sacrifices and hardship, and has no house of his own. Not to mention he is suffering of Wilson disease, a rare inherited disorder that causes copper to accumulate in your liver, brain and other vital organs.

So, he remained to live in the student dorm after he graduated the faculty, but now the local authorities plan to kick him out, claiming he has no right to live there anymore.

“I am 39 years old and I am all alone in this world. I have been abandoned at birth in an orphanage during the communist regime and it has been a constant fight for survival ever since. I have worked hard, never begged anything, never expected anything from anyone”, Marius told us.

Marius has graduated the Philosophy Faculty of the „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University and has had a master degree in photography and video directing at the “George Enescu” Art University, both in Iasi, and in time he became very fond of the art of photography.

“Although I have been the laughing stock of the people for years, I have always had the chin up. I dedicated my life to photography, I have had this passion since I was 8. Through small donations and after then, through hard labour I managed to buy the necessary photo equipment”, the photographer confessed.

His passion for photography and art brought him international recognition, with his photo exhibitions going on display in Romania and worldwide (France, Germany or USA), and even made him famous, as a documentary was released about his life.

Marius is currently involved in numerous projects and will attend an international exhibition in Vienna and after that in Baden, Austria.

I have put so much spirit in mu photos and works that I have become known in time, with my personal works going on display across art galleries around the world, including at Louvre in Paris. My story was released in tens of newspapers in Romania and abroad and I am currently the protagonist of a documentary about my own life story”, Marius stated.

His success is yet shadowed by his housing issue. Lacking consistent financial resources, Marius had been living in a student dorm for seven years and he is facing eviction now.

“I have never known love and affection. The period since I have been born until now has meant nothing but a constant struggle for survival. Without a family or a house, I have lived in this student dorm with the support of those who are managing the student flats. I have seldom tried to raise some money to buy a house, but all I earned went to the medicines I needed to keep the Wilson disease under control,” the photographer pointed out.

On top of all, his living conditions in the student flat have been extremely scarce. Marius described the dorm as “a true reservoir of infection”, at the mercy of bugs, bedbugs, mosquitoes and even rodents.

“As I am not a student anymore, the Student Services Department in Iasi sent me a warning to evacuate the room. So, under the pressure of this warning I have to find a place to stay as a matter of urgency. I am not begging or asking for anyone’s mercy under any circumstances, but I do trust I will get a help somehow to solve my problem”, Marius concluded.

He brought his case to the attention of the local authorities, the Student Services Department, of the City Hall and County Council in Iasi, but with no effect so far.

If you want to help Marius in any way, you can contact him at: 004.0737.230.925, at or on Facebook.

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