Romanian Police cells to be revamped with EUR 1 M funds. More 10,000-prison seats needed


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More cells in the central arrest center of Bucharest Police are getting revamped, while all 52 arrest centers of the Romanian Police will be modernized with European funds worth over EUR 1 M.

So far, the access point, the visitors’ room and record offices are undergoing painting works on the Capital Police’s own expenses. Revamping works are now extended to the men’s cells.

All 52 arrest centers of the Romanian Police are to be modernized through a project financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, with the Europe’s Council as partner. The project is worth 1, 286,598 euro, with 1,093,608 euro representing external financing.

The row over accommodation conditions in the Police’s center arrest was triggered by the former Tourism minister Elena Udrea, imprisoned in some corruption cases. The first time when she stayed in the Bucharest Police’s, Udrea slammed the jail conditions, even asking for revamping works on her expense. Her request was denied. After her critics, more politicians have denounced the scarce jail conditions.

However, Romania has been constantly condemned by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) over prison conditions, especially for overcrowding and bad, insanitary conditions. Many former or incumbent Romanian inmates have found justice at ECHR, winning against the state and getting compensations.

On the other side, authorities have always blamed lack of funding.

A document issued by the Justice Ministry three weeks ago reveals that the Romanian state is spending RON 512 a month for each inmate’s care. The money is used for food, utilities, medical assistance, and sanitary equipment.

According to the afore-mentioned paper, 30,000 inmates were imprisoned in Romania at the end of January, 2015. At the same time, there was a deficit of over 10,000 accommodation seats.

Two years ago, the ruling Social Democrat Party was discussing a draft regarding constructions of public-private jails.

This idea was issued in 2003 and Adrian Nastase’s Government even beginning discussions with the Austrian Government for building a prison at Calafat with Austrian funds. Subsequently, the project was abandoned.


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