Romanian Police Day: ‘I am confident in your capacity’, President Iohannis sends message


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President Klaus Iohannis has sent a message on the Romanian Police Day on Wednesday, calling on the police forces to be ‘model of courage, responsibility and good behaviour.’

‘On the Romanian Police Day, I send to all of you, commanders, police officers and Police staff, my appreciation towards your efforts to fulfilling the numerous missions of protection of the communities, of the citizens and their property. The seriousness and professionalism in enforcing the law show that the Romanian Police forces are a responsible, secure and reliable institution,’ the message reads.

Klaus Iohannis says that given its activity, the Police forces are both in the service of the citizens and the state.

‘I am confident in your capacity to promptly and efficiently respond to all the provocations that could harm the public order and I’m certain that you’ll further contribute with devotion and dedication to the growth of the public safety degree and to strengthening the security sentiment within the citizens. I wish you all to resist in your work of daily tasks’ fulfilment and to be a model of courage, responsibility and good behaviour in society. Happy anniversary!’ Iohannis’s message concludes.

The Romanian Police Day is celebrated since 2002, on March 25, on the very day of the Christian celebration of Annunciation

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