Romanian programmers invent lipreading app

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A web development company from Iasi have made an app dedicated to lipreading.

WhisperMe is a funny way of improving your vocabulary, but also can be a helpful ability. “WhisperMe is an app that entertains you in every moment of the day. With the help of Romanian and English you can discover if your are the wizard of words!,” reads its presentation. The two-version application, in Romanian and English, is unique on the market at the moment.

All you need to do is to guess the word that a lady is pronouncing. You can see the word anytime is need until you find the correct answer. Every correct answer is rewarded, depending on the complexity, with a number of credits,” said Paul Chiriac, the founder of Codefy Software, the web development company in Iasi that made the app.

In case you get stuck, the application can provide you with three types of clues: one that is revealing the entire word, one that is suggesting you the first letter or a clue on how many letters the word has. Every clue costs, so you have to be careful how to manage the credits.

The application has about 5,000 downloads so far, with most of the users coming from the USA, Romania and Brazil.

The app can be downloaded for free, but the incomes are generated by the credits the users receive to find clues. It has also push notifications reminding the user to play and try to get on the next level.

In Romania there are 1,000 people who are using the app on a daily basis,” said the founder, as quoted by

In the future, the app aims to integrate more languages.

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