Romanian Red Cross marks 140th anniversary

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The Romanian Red Cross marked 140 years of existence on Monday, July 4th, coming to the front line of the humanitarian assistance provided for people in need.

An anniversary plaque was revealed to mark the event at the Romanian Red Cross HQs, in the presence of the Crown Princess Margareta of Romania, the Romanian Red Cross president, Ioan Silviu Lefter, general manager, heads and directors of the organization’s local branches, volunteers and employees.

The event continued at the Elisabeta Palace with a reception to be attended by high-ranking guests from the Presidency, Government, cultural personalities, civil society representatives, ambassadors, etc.140 de ani_Crucea Rosie Romana

Crown Princess Margareta says that the Royal Family has always supported the Romanian Red Cross ever since its foundation.

The National Society of the Red Cross in Romania celebrates 140 years. The Royal Family has always endorsed the Romanian Red Cross ever since its foundation. On July 4, 1876, during the reign of King Carol I, Queen Elisabeta, Queen Mary and Queen-Mother Helen got involved with devotion and abnegation in the humanitarian actions of the Romanian Red Cross without fear of war, misery or sickness,” reads Princess Margareta’s message.

She praised “the Romanian Red Cross volunteers, who contributed to supporting and saving their fellows in pain,” also pointing out that today the Red Cross volunteers are passionately and devotedly continuing the mission of their forerunners, voicing hope that “the future generations will carry on this task.”

In his turn, the organization’s general manager thanked to the numerous generations of volunteers helping all those in need, regardless of the circumstances. “We are proud of the Red Cross nurses, who comforted the pain of the injured and sick people during the war, who treated children, young and old people during the outbreaks of malaria, cholera, typhoid fever and tuberculosis, who contributed to get together families separated by war and by the oppressive regime. The facts of excellence from the organization’s history compel us to keep adjusting to the novelties and to stay in the front line of the humanitarian support,” Ioan Silviu Lefter said.

The Romanian Red Cross provided 100,000 families and single persons with basic food in 2015, ensured over 60 interventions for emergency situations by providing material support to almost 29,500 people.

Over 30,000 Romanians have been tracked down in risk areas and have received information about how to behave in case of disaster. 32,000 have been trained to give first aid, 7,600 have benefitted of first aid services, while 4,400 got involved in social campaigns for blood donations.

The anniversary of today also comprises other events. Over 300 volunteers will form a human cross and will fly 140 balloons in the sky to mark the 140th anniversary.

At the same time, a 140-meter banner with peace messages sent by volunteers countrywide will cover the Parliament House’s fence for a week.

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