Romanian students say 2020 was weak year for a career. Half did not receive any job offers


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Approximately 80% of students in Romania say 2020 was a poor year in terms of career opportunities, with 52% not receiving a job offer in 2020, according to a survey conducted by, an online community of employees in Romania. The salaries of the juniors vary between 1,600 and 4,700 lei net/per month, the lowest being in production and the highest in IT.

The survey was conducted between April 12-23 and included the answers of 612 students from all over the country.

Thus, 43% of students who responded to the study applied for 1-10 jobs in 2020, almost 27% for over ten jobs, and 30% did not apply for any job.

50% of the students were invited to 1 to 10 job interviews, 48% did not receive any invitation

Half of the respondents were invited to 1-10 interviews, and 48% to none. Almost 2% of students received invitations to over ten interviews.

On the other hand, 52% of the students did not receive any job offer. 37% received one or two job offers, and almost 11% more than two.

In conclusion, 78% of students consider that 2020 was a poor year in terms of professional opportunities, 19% believe that it was a good year, and 3% say that last year was a successful one.

“We have heard for years that we need juniors to enter the workforce, but also that they do not have enough experience to be employed. It is a paradox that Romanian students face in trying to find a career start. Unfortunately, the academic environment is not calibrated to the dynamics of the business. Thus, so many young people declare that the theory in school is not related to the practice in organizations. On the other hand, organizations need too many resources to supplement the school’s information and skills. We hope that the labor market will overcome the pandemic that has further diminished employment opportunities for young people and we will see an increase in the number of jobs dedicated to them”, says Andra Pintican, marketing director of

The salaries are between 1,600-4,700 lei net/per month. The lowest salaries are offered in production, the highest in IT

Net salaries for student/ junior jobs vary between 1,600 lei and 4,700 lei net per month.

The lowest salaries are in production, in this field the values ​​being between 1,600 and 2,750 lei net. On the other hand, students can get the highest income if they work in IT, more precisely
between 2,800 and 4,700 lei net, per month.

In retail – a very popular segment for students due to the program’s flexibility – salaries are between 1,850 and 2,800 lei.

Salaries in banks are between 2,050 and 3,650 lei; in the telecom segment, they vary between 2,100 and 3,900 lei; in consulting between 1,900 – 3,350 lei and, in BPO, they are between 1,975 – 3,700 lei.

68% of students say that online school has triggered anxiety, nervousness, frustration

About 20% of respondents who participated in job interviews in 2020 said their performance was affected by the fact that the discussions had been online.

On the other hand, 68% of students stated that online school caused them anxiety, nervousness and frustration. Almost 17% say they have become more relaxed and changed for the better and 15% have not felt any change in mood.

This year, 53% of students aim to find a job, 35% want to focus on their studies and 12% want to keep their current job.

About 47% of the participants stated that a career counselor would be the most useful specialist at this moment and 34% think they need a therapist. Almost 20% of students believe that a CV specialist would help them the most at the moment.

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