Romanian teen girl, stabbed to death in Germany


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A teen girl from Romania, aged 15, has been stabbed to death in Viersen, Germany, by a Turkish-born man, Deutsche Welle reports.

The young girl has been found in a park downtown Viersen. The attacker, a 25-year-old Turkish-born male, turned himself in to the police.

The girl originating from Romania has been rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately the wounds were too serious and she died in the ambulance. It’s not clear yet if the girl had double citizenship and her relation with the aggressor.

The suspect was eyed by the policemen after he had avoided a police raid. Subsequently, he turned himself in to the police on Monday night.

According to the first information, before collapsing after being stabbed, she would have called the homeless people in the park and would have shouted in German: „I am dying, I am dying”. The witnesses called the cops.

What happened in Viersen today is shocking. I am deeply affected that a young girl has been killed in a public park,” said the Interior Minister of Land Rhineland, Herbert Reulsaid, according to the above-mentioned source.

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