Romanian top microbiologist: We’ll probably have thousands of coronavirus cases per day by April-end

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Doctor Alexandru Rafila, president of the Romanian Microbiology Society has told Digi 24 that along with the growing testing capacity Romania might see thousands of case of coronavirus on a daily basis by the end of April.

At the same time, Rafila said that we need clear procedures and protocols for the medical staff to avoid doctors and nursed being infected.

Along with the rise of the testing capacity the number of cases will also grow. I think there will be more than 10,000 cases despite these restrictions. It’s important if we have hundreds cases per day or thousands of cases/day. There will probably be thousands of case per day by the end of April”, Rafila stated.

He considers that the situation of the Suceava County Hospital, where there is a coronavirus hot zone with tens of doctors and nurses infected, might repeat in other medical units, too.

The situation from Suceava will replicate in other big hospitals as well. We have to find solutions to prevent the medical staff being infected, we must set procedures that the doctors and nurses who don’t have symptoms to be able to work in the hospital and be accommodated in a hotel for instance. The staff may be split in two or three shifts that do not intersect to one another and so the transmission risk from one team to another will be lower. A 12/24-hour shift might be the most enforceable“, Rafila suggested.

He warned that Romania’s situation is similar to the ones in Italy or France, where the medical personnel has been affected by COVID-19, arguing Romania is behind Italy or France by two-three weeks.

EU agency: Novel Coronavirus epidemic will not end in summer

Moreover, another concerning report comes from the European Union agency for disease control, which announced on Wednesday that the new coronavirus is unlikely to disappear in summer.

The statement is thus crashing hopes that COVID-19 is more sensitive to higher temperatures, or that it could behave as the other four coronaviruses which are endemic in human populations and are usually not detected in summer months.

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