Romanian tourist tested positive for Covid-19 traveled 3 days around Crete

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A Romanian female tourist who tested positive for Covid-19 has disregarded safety protocols after reportedly traveling around Crete for at least 72 hours after her arrival on the island, the Greek mass media reported.

The Romania woman came to Crete for her summer holiday. After arriving at Heraklion International Airport, she was tested for the novel coronavirus, as requested by the protocols set up by the Greek government.

File photo by Iulia Trandafir/RJ

After being tested, the woman was transported to the hotel that she had booked back in her hometown in Romania, in order to be isolated there for 24 hours while awaiting the test results. But when she arrived at the hotel, the Romanian woman found out it was closed and eventually found accommodation to another hotel, but without informing the authorities about the relocation.

When the test came back positive, the Greek health authorities went to the first hotel to inform the woman, but no one was there as the hotel was closed.

After finally tracking down the tourist to the correct hotel, the authorities discovered that she had left the hotel to go explore the island, thus defying all the instructions she had been given upon arrival.

The Romanian tourists argued that ‘she simply didn’t want to spoil her vacation‘. She has reportedly traveled around the island for approximately 72 hours. The Romanian traveler was eventually found and sent to her quarantine hotel.

Two other tourists have tested positive for COVID-19 in Crete after being completely asymptomatic. They have been transferred to a quarantine hotel in Hersonissos.

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