Romanian truck driver gets almost EUR 2.2 M fine in France

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A truck driver from Romania has received a huge fine after he had been caught while transporting 5.2 tonnes of smuggled cigarettes, NordLittoral reports.

The 35-year-old Romanian man was stopped in Coquelles, northern France, for a routine check and he could not provide the documents certifying the origin of his load, consisting in 5 tonnes of tobacco.

Aurel Andrei Neacșu admitted it was not the first time he does this kind of transport, overall delivering over 2 tonnes of tobacco to UK. “I did it to get money for my family. I was supposed to get EUR 8,000.”

Investigators revealed that the Romanian driver had been monitored since he had hit the road. The man recounted that he had been approached by a guy in a parking and they went to a warehouse to load the merchandise in Belgium.

Neacșu was sentenced on probation, and was given a fine of EUR 2.17 million.

According to the customs officers, the value of the smuggled cigarettes mounts to EUR 2.17 million.

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