Romanian wanted for murder in Germany for 27 years caught now

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A Romanian charged with killing another Romanian in Germany in 1992 has been caught now, after 27 years of searches. During all this time, the suspect has traveled freely in Germany after using false identities, reports.

The crime occurred on November 27, 1992 in an immigration center in Weismain, eastern Germany. The suspect, aged 35 back then, killed his room mate, also a Romanian citizen, after hitting him with a glass of beer. The victim was 32 years old back then.

After the murder, the aggressor, born in Galati, eastern Romania, disappeared and came back to Romania at some point, where he has been actually caught now. In 1992 the German policemen issued an international search warrant, but the man just vanished.

The investigation revealed the suspect used false identities and thus managed to run away from Germany. 5 years after the crime, the Germany investigators discovered in their data base the murderer’s fingerprints, but they were associated to another name.

After that, the police found out the man traveled across Germany many times, each time under another identity.

In September this year, the German police officers found the suspect in Romania. He was arrested and taken to Germany where he will be tried for murder.

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