Romanian who had his penis amputated asks the County Hospital for EUR 500,000 damages


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A man from Buzau County, who has his penis amputated in 2014, following wrong manoeuvres by the medical staff at the Buzau County Hospital, calls for EUR 500,000 damages from the medical unit.

In the winter of 2014, Costică Maroleanu arrived to the Buzău County Hospital with the symptoms of renal insufficiency. Subsequently, he was subjected to surgery for implanting a urinating probe, and soon afterwards he accused pains in the abdomen. After a few days the patient was consulted by a doctor who found that the man’s penis was, most of it, gangrened, reports.

Under these circumstances, the man requested to be transferred to the Military Hospital in Bucharest, where doctors found that necrosis had affected the genital organ almost entirely and made the decision to remove it.

The man filed a complaint in court, the magistrates at the Buzau Court found that the man had been the victim of a malpractice case.

Now, the man says he will claim EUR 500,000 from the Buzau County Hospital.

“I will ask for damages of EUR 500,000, as moral and physical damages. We tried to negotiate with them, to discuss, we tried to talk to the four doctors involved, not to reach the criminal court, we were to meet recently – the doctors’ lawyers, the hospital representatives – but they did not attend the scheduled meeting, they totally refused to, I was treated with indifference and coldness. We will go to court if they do not want to collaborate. After so long I can accept that something went wrong, the physicians are humans as well, but why this attitude towards me? Of contempt and carelessness,” Costică Maroleanu said.

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